Tom Parker is connected to the past ... and focused on the future.

Growing up in the Folsom and Orangevale area, Tom Parker has always had his feet planted firmly on the ground while his aspirations reached for the sky. Whether it's as a Rotarian, Chamber of Commerce Ambassador or Local businessman, Tom Has worked hard serving the people of Folsom and Orangevale for many decades and continues to contribute every day because he believes that a community's success begins with individual contribution. It's a way of life that not only suits him well, but that has enabled him to forge a strong connection with the place he grew up and the people around him.

Building Perspective
As an avid hiker and love of the outdoors, Tom takes several weekends a year to visit places dear to his heart, even though they're not very far from home. Although he twice climbed Mount Shasta, a 14,162 foot peak located in Siskiyou County up in Norhtern California, and SCUBA dived in the North Pacific and Caribbean, Tom's connection to Folsom and Orangevale soon draws him back home. "Nothing beats the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range," says Tom. "And although I love taking weekend getaways to Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Nevada City and other places, it always gives me a special feeling to come back home to the beauty of Folsom and Orangevale where I have called home for so many years."

Leading By Example

For over twenty years, Tom has served in the Rotary Club, an organization dedicated to helping thousands of people throughout the world with programs ranging from food distribution and hunger relief to medical innovations and disease eradiction. He's also a member of both the Orangevale and Folsom Chambers of Commerce, helping connect people within both communities for more than a decade, working hard to help plant new seeds of contribution that grow into a stronger, more prosperous community.
Moving And Shaking

Taking the time to connect with the community was never difficult for Tom. Attending Folsom High School, Tom grew up with many of Folsom and Orangevale's leading business people, is very active in local events and has his finger on the pulse of what's happening today. The benefits of his longstanding connection to the community and his detailed knowledge of the area and its history make up the foundation of the outstanding service Tom delivers to his clients. Through in-depth knowledge covering every aspect of Folsom and Orangevale, Tom helps his clients discover a whole new level of service and potential when buying or selling their home. 
Experience The Benefits
Buying or selling your home can be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make, so why not get the most experienced - and connected - real estate professional working for you? When you call Tom, you're getting many decades of business experience, a bridge to the community and leadership through example, because Tom Parker is The Right Connection In Real Estate.

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